Canyon Soil Conservation District to Purchase an NO-Till DRILL

Canyon SCD Supervisors are happy to announce the purchase of a 2020 Great Plains 1206NT NO-Till Drill that will be available to rent.

There will be more details of the contact information, rental cost and location of the drill coming soon 



Financial Benefits of No-Till Drills

• Add grazing value of $150 per acre by using cover crops as a feed source

• Reduce or eliminate the need to till

• Save on fuel and labor costs by reducing the number of passes through the field with tilling

• Reduce the wear and tear on equipment

• Plant crops earlier due to fewer ground preparation requirements

• No-till drills save around $100 per acre for each crop planted based off fuel and labor savings.

Soil Health

• Growing diverse crops increases the soil organic matter and biodiversity, which increase the water -holding capacity.

• Cover crops provide nutrients for cash crops, suppress weeds and reduce erosion from wind and water. Adding legumes into       your rotation fixes nitrogen into the soil.

• By reducing disturbance in soil, organic matter remains in the soil that improves plant health and increases water retention

This video must be viewed prior to renting the drill

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