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Canyon Soil Conservation District NO-Till DRILL

This Great Pains Drill is very maneuverable, and has the down pressure to insure good uniform seeding.

Contact Stan Haye at:

208-731-9930 or 208-779-3446 for scheduling the No-Till-Drill.

Canyon Soil Conservation District is currently leasing the new 12 ft drill out for

$15.00 per acre. for Twenty acres or more. It’s a flat rate of $250.00 dollars for less than twenty acres.

We also request a $500.00 damage deposit refundable after inspection of drill upon completion of use.

(Users need to review Video and fill out lease agreement.)

Download No-Till Drill lease agreement here

It can be used with a 70HP Tractor, and can be easily towed down the road with a heavy duty truck.



Financial Benefits of No-Till Drills

• Add grazing value of $150 per acre by using cover crops as a feed source

• Reduce or eliminate the need to till

• Save on fuel and labor costs by reducing the number of passes through the field with tilling

• Reduce the wear and tear on equipment

• Plant crops earlier due to fewer ground preparation requirements

• No-till drills save around $100 per acre for each crop planted based off fuel and labor savings.

Soil Health

• Growing diverse crops increases the soil organic matter and biodiversity, which increase the water -holding capacity.

• Cover crops provide nutrients for cash crops, suppress weeds and reduce erosion from wind and water. Adding legumes into       your rotation fixes nitrogen into the soil.

• By reducing disturbance in soil, organic matter remains in the soil that improves plant health and increases water retention

This video must be viewed prior to renting the drill


New Great Plains 3- point 6ft No till Drill

Great Plains 3 Point_2.jpg
Great Plains 3 Point_1.jpg

Operators Manual for Great Plains 3-Point 6ft No-Till Drill

Click Here to View or Print (84 Pages)

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