Canyon Soil Conservation District NO-Till DRILL

This Great Pains Drill is very maneuverable, and has the down pressure to insure good uniform seeding.

Contact Stan Haye at:

208-731-9930 or 208-779-3446 for scheduling the No-Till-Drill.

Canyon Soil Conservation District is currently leasing the new 12 ft drill out for

$13.00 per acre. for Twenty acres or more. It’s a flat rate of $250.00 dollars for less than twenty acres.

We also request a $500.00 damage deposit refundable after inspection of drill upon completion of use.

( Users need to review Video and fill out lease agreement. )

It can be used with a 70HP Tractor, and can be easily towed down the road with a heavy duty truck.



Financial Benefits of No-Till Drills

• Add grazing value of $150 per acre by using cover crops as a feed source

• Reduce or eliminate the need to till

• Save on fuel and labor costs by reducing the number of passes through the field with tilling

• Reduce the wear and tear on equipment

• Plant crops earlier due to fewer ground preparation requirements

• No-till drills save around $100 per acre for each crop planted based off fuel and labor savings.

Soil Health

• Growing diverse crops increases the soil organic matter and biodiversity, which increase the water -holding capacity.

• Cover crops provide nutrients for cash crops, suppress weeds and reduce erosion from wind and water. Adding legumes into       your rotation fixes nitrogen into the soil.

• By reducing disturbance in soil, organic matter remains in the soil that improves plant health and increases water retention

This video must be viewed prior to renting the drill